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The Kyle MacFarlane Foundation Welcomes Fay Kazzi, MS, RD, as its Consulting Dietitian

Fay Kazzi joins the Kyle MacFarlane Foundation to help consult on topics of nutrition and healthy diet programs. Fay earned a masters (MS) in Nutrition and Dietetics from Loma Linda University in California and is a Registered Dietitian (RD). She is currently pursuing a PhD in Rehabilitation Science at LLU. Currently Fay works for a local School District as the Coordinator of a USDA grant to promote wellness and teaches nutrition at Cal-Baptist University.

“We’re very happy to have Miss Kazzi contribute her professional knowledge with the Kyle MacFarlane Foundation, which will help us tremendously with the development of our programs to bring awareness to healthy eating habits,” says The Kyle MacFarlane Foundation Co-Founder Cindy MacFarlane.

Currently, Fay’s research at LLU is exploring the spectrum of gluten digestion by an enzyme that has been shown to digest gluten under gastric conditions. She is targeting celiac and non-celiac gluten sensitive subjects and hopes this and future studies will help shed light on pathways for non-symptomatic gluten intake. We’re excited to see what her research will find!

In addition to her academic and professional pursuits Fay enjoys photography and cooking healthy foods. She’s found a way to join the two together and share her artsy side on social media, her page is called “The Earthy Canvas”:

The Earthy Canvas – Facebook

The Earthy Canvas – Instagram


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