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The Kyle MacFarlane Foundation Launches Digest This! Magazine, A Nationally Distributed Digital Publication Focused on Digestive Health

The Kyle MacFarlane Foundation, a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization, launched Digest This! Magazine, a digital publication focused towards the education and research of digestive diseases, and how gut-health directly affects the mind and body. Digest This! contains a variety of lifestyle, nutrition, exercise, and reporting on the cutting-edge research linking food with mental, hormonal, and physical ailments. The launch of the publication was funded by donations and grants to offer a unique approach to the multitude of healthy lifestyle publications on the market, and to promote the foundation’s goal towards the education of digestive issues.

“This publication was a two-year project from a grass-roots effort to advance our cause towards the education of digestive health issues,” said Cindy MacFarlane, Chairman of the Board and KMF Co-Founder. “My son Kyle developed a digestive order which he has suffered from for more than a decade, and it’s still undiagnosed. Our goal in starting the foundation was to inform everyone what we’ve learned over the years in talking to many doctors and digestive health researchers. We found that both doctors and patients have very little knowledge of the causes, treatments, and how to diagnose digestive disorders. With the help from our medical advisory board, media partners, and volunteers, we want to change this and provide the latest news and research on this huge health issue that affects many people.”

According to The 2010 Burden of Digestive Diseases, a publication from the U.S. Department of Health and other health services researchers, nearly 28-million people visited a hospital outpatient and emergency care facility complaining of abdominal pain. “Digestive problems are a growing issue in this country, and Digest This! Magazine is for anyone interested in learning more about gut health, preventing digestive problems, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle,” says MacFarlane. “Our media partners and I come from the publishing industry and this seemed like a natural extension of our foundation and our efforts on education.”

The premiere issue can be viewed HERE, and features an interview with NASCAR Xfinity Series driver Ryan Reed. Diagnosed with Type-1 Diabetes, Reed tells Digest This! how he implements a healthy eating and exercise plan that helps him stay behind the wheel. The issue also has an article with fitness personality Rosalie Brown who discusses the importance of keeping your body in motion. Dr. Pankaj Jay Pasricha, M.B.B.S., MD discusses in his article, the latest research connecting gut health, and how it affects the mind and body. Former MasterChef TV competitor Katrina Kozar tells Digest This! her take on healthy cooking and shares some recipes. Emmy Award-winning TV producer Christina Deyo gives a first-person account on how television celebrity Martha Stewart, led hear on a path to a healthier lifestyle.

Additional articles and recipes are also a part of this premiere issue that’s free and formatted for mobile and tablet viewing, allowing anyone access to the articles within its pages. The magazine is also available from the Foundation’s website, and the website, as well as through social media and website pages from research medical partners to school districts and personalities involved in the foundation’s efforts, to reach more than one-million eyes for the publication’s launch. For more information, visit the foundation’s website, at

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