The Kyle MacFarlane Foundation

Funding research and awareness in the field of neurogastroenterology and motility

Our Programs

Our programs educate children and adults to eat healthy and take care of their bodies.

Share The Pain is a family support network that facilitates communicating and sharing information with others who are affected by digestive diseases.  View our Share the Pain section to read stories of strength.

Hands On Nutrition is a school-based program teaching kids hands on why it is so important to eat healthy and take care of your body.   Our Harley electric motorcycle, called the Digestive Cycle, will be taken out to schools to raise awareness of digestive diseases and the impact of healthy nutrition choices.  We have recently partnered with the Oakdale Unified School District to launch this program in 2018.  For information about bringing Hands On Nutrition to your school contact Cindy MacFarlane at (209) 643-3585 or

DIGEST THIS! Magazine is the first digital publication of its kind dealing with digestive issues and how gut-health directly affects the mind and body. Published by The Kyle MacFarlane Foundation, Digest This! is free and offers insight into the latest research on digestive disorders, community outreach programs, medical information from specialists, and helpful tips that provide readers with the tools to building a healthy lifestyle. The publication is completely digital, scheduled to appear on the Foundation’s website, social media, and medical and community partner website pages, initially reaching an estimated one million viewers later this year.  To subscribe click here. 

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