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Kiersten Wood On Dealing With Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome

Kiersten Wood on The Kyle Macfarlane Foundation

I had the honor to meet Kyle back in 2007 when we were both in-patients at California Pacific Medical Center. We were both being treated on the floor where patients with digestive problems were placed. We had been there a little over a week before we were finally able to meet. Kyle and I hung out every day. We were great support for one another and our moms were great support for us as well.

While at the hospital, which ended up being a 33 day stay, the doctors ran a multitude of tests. Despite all this, everything still came back inconclusive. It was hard leaving the hospital without a diagnoses; especially after having surgery to save my life. The hardest part was leaving a friend that I had made there, because he was still too sick to go home.  I found out later that Kyle was released several days later.

Two and a half years after this incident, and after tons and tons of more tests,  I was finally diagnosed with cyclic vomiting syndrome. When I have an attack, they are similar to Kyle’s. The attacks are excruciatingly painful and cause me to throw up about every 20-30 seconds. Afterwards I usually end up in the ER. Since the new year, I have been in the ER about 9 times so far. There are some medications that I have been trying, but they haven’t proved to work too well.

This is something that I will have the rest of my life, but I have embraced it and learned how to deal with it.
Kiersten Wood

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