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Former MasterChef TV Competitor Katrina Kozar Shares Secrets to Healthy Cooking

Industry’s First Digestive Health Publication, Digest This! Magazine, talks with Katrina Kozar About Organic, Home-Grown Cooking

Farm-to-table cooking is often a valuable consideration for those managing digestive issues. In an interview with Digest This! Magazine Katrina Kozar, a self-taught chef from Wisconsin who competed on the FOX television show, MasterChef, shares her secrets to success and tips for anyone wanting to eat farm-to-table style meals.

Kozar’s goal is to give people the confidence to try new things, especially with vegetables, and understanding that anyone can prepare meals like she does.

“When you eat healthy you feel like you can conquer the world,” said Kozar.

In addition to competing on MasterChef, Kozar was also invited to work at one of Gordon Ramsay’s restaurants in Versailles. Kozar continues to hone her culinary passion and welcomes readers to follow her on Facebook at Katrina’s Kitchen, or to read the full article and view one of Katrina Kozar’s recipes click here.

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