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Funding research and awareness in the field of neurogastroenterology and motility

A Mom’s Journey

Arlen Ness teams up with the Kyle MacFarlane Foundation to build a “Hands On Nutrition” Motorcycle. Left to right, Arlen Ness, Kyle MacFarlane, Cindy MacFarlane, and general manager of Ness Enterprises Kevin King.

My name is Cynthia MacFarlane co-founder of The Kyle MacFarlane Foundation. I’m excited to share with you information on my journey with digestive issues and my son, Kyle. I wanted to start by telling you why I started a blog, what my posts will be about, and what I have learned.

Not knowing as a mom what was going on was hard. Couldn’t get any answers. It went from one disease to many diseases. Each time he would be diagnosed with a different disease, we would have a different diet.

The problem is while you’re going to the doctor over and over again, it becomes a nightmare. Your child has stress, doesn’t want to go to school. Do you have family issues? What are you doing as parents that can cause these issues? There is nothing showing up in the tests. Endless battle.

But those that have digestive and stomach issues, it’s a different story. Gastropareses and Type 1 diabetes are just two of the many chronic issues. 

Neurogastroenterology and Motility big words. This has been a big part of my son and our family’s journey. I want to help educate, break this down and help readers learn how digestive health affects the whole body with information, updates and hearing stories that can help anyone that is going through this.

How to be your own advocate, fight medical bills. When your told NO that your insurance won’t cover a certain procedure or test. You have to fight. Emergency visits at the hospital can go south quickly.

Taking care of your digestive system isn’t just important, it’s essential. This blog is focused on gut health, nutrition, diabetes and digestive diseases. Will dabble with products, oils, candles, exercise and fun things to learn about. Let’s get started!

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