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The Me, Me, Me’s Angry Me Book


By Kyle MacFarlane

I came across The Me,Me,Me’s Angry Me, by Annabelle Neilson when looking online for something my niece and nephew could read. When the book arrived,  I of course, wanted to read it and was amazed at the creativity.

As a 27-year-old who has been sick for over 12 years, in and out of the hospital since I was 14, and being sick all the time, you get angry and different emotions come out that you have to deal with on day-to-day basis. Because there are a lot of children who have diabetes and digestive diseases, and this is what I love about this book. It deals with all of it in a fun and imaginative way. The characters are great and I found it essential for kids with diseases and their parents to read together. I also would recommend this book for schools so that children understand the different emotions that they go thru growing up. I give this book thumbs up. Thank you Annabelle Neilson. More information on the book can be found on Amazon :

The Me,Me,Me’s Angry Me

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