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The Kyle MacFarlane Foundation To Launch Hands On Nutrition Educational Program

The Kyle MacFarlane Foundation is launching a new educational program called Hands On Nutrition, designed to teach children from kindergarten to third grade, the importance of eating healthy foods. “We feel a program like Hands On Nutrition will limit potential digestive problems for kids, by teaching them the value of eating good foods at an early age,” says Cindy MacFarlane, chairman of The Kyle MacFarlane Foundation. “The program will allow kids to learn about their body’s digestive system and the effects certain foods have on it, using fun and interactive methods they can understand.”

The program intends to visit many schools across the country using visual aids, educational cartoons, and letting kids cook healthy foods in fun ways they’ll hopefully take home with them. “We can definitely teach kids to prefer healthy eating habits,” says MacFarlane. “We can also show educators the link between life-threatening digestive disorders and poor nutrition.”  As the Hands On Nutrition program grows, the foundation will work on building a custom motorcycle that will be used for a Hands On Nutrition bike ride to Washington DC.  The ride will be promoted to draw government support for improving childhood nutritional education.

A section of the Kyle MacFarlane Foundation website will be dedicated to Hands On Nutrition, and feature additional tips and recipes for healthier eating. Later, a video series demonstrating how to prepare healthy foods for kids and adults will be hosted by Kyle MacFarlane and celebrities such as Steve Harwell, of the group Smash Mouth.  For more information contact The Kyle MacFarlane Foundation, P.O. Box 1560, Oakdale, CA  95361.

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